My healthy: Jiva Apoha Oils founder Angela Shore

The soul-healing guru spills her health and beauty secrets.

When it comes to professional healers, a rule of (mindfully interlaced) thumb goes like this: The kookier and crunchier, the better. And then there's Jiva Apoha founder Angela Shore, who launched her Ayurvedic-inspired skin and body oil line while criss-crossing the globe repping fashion photographers and studying the finer points of shamanism. A loyal legion of models, editors, and the like can attest that one hour in her care can do your skin and chakras a world of good. Read on for five of her personal feel-good musts.

jiva-apoha oils

"I moisturize my face and body every morning and evening with these. Before developing my skincare line, I believed in using all-natural, organic and essential oils for many years, as a daily routine to nourish, and to help aid others with healing. My balancing blends were created with love for replenishing, restoring, revitalizing, rehydrating and regenerating while toning the skin. Skincare is just simply sexy, and just as important as having a healthy balanced diet."
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the nutribullet

"I’m obsessed with this little machine! As much as I love running out and buying fresh pressed juices, I now make my own quickly without a mess. Our refrigerator is always holding kale and spinach hostage, and I love fruit and herbs, various seeds and nuts, and Indian spices (a few sprinkles of cardamom—queen of spices—is wonderful for digestion, and adds a pleasant flavor)."
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jade yoga mat

"I dislike slipping in practice, especially when there is a lot of heat in the room. I’ve tried other brands throughout the years but this natural rubber mat is truly the best brand for gripping with extra comfort, plus it's environmentally friendly! Jade does a lot of promotional give back and supports different organizations, which is a great bonus."
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om aroma & co. detox manuka honey mask

"I bought this gem of a mask on my last road trip, and could not wait to get home to try it. Best with a warm shower, you gently massage the face while applying, and I usually leave it on for up to 5 minutes. It leaves your skin extra smooth and silky. Apricot extract and honey equals yum."
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rms lip 2 cheek

"I’m just hooked! I don’t fuss too much with makeup in general, like it as natural as possible. Lip 2 Cheek is offered in different shades, beautiful, easy to carry, great for travel and it’s the first make up line that I have committed to using that is chemical free."
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