Q&A with Ciara

The R&B star on steak, Oprah and the freedom of the open road.

"Body Party" is the title of a song on Ciara's recently released eponymous album, and just one instance of the R&B singer using her undeniably toned and sexy physique as fodder for her music. And who could blame her. She took a break from her busy touring schedule to give us insight into how she sculpts it.

Best insider tip she's gotten from a trainer or nutritionist:
The importance of nutrition in sculpting the body. It's just as important as the actual workout.

Favorite healthy meal:
Steak, broccoli, and sweet potatoes from Long Horn.

Latest obsession:
Driving myself. I love getting behind the wheel and having that freedom.

What totally relaxes her:
Music by Sade and candles from Diptyque.

Book on her bedside table:
At the moment, The Butler by Wil Haygood.

Where she feels most at home:
Atlanta is my home. Being back there with my family makes me feel most at home.

Best vacation she's ever taken:
I recently went on vacation to the Imanta Resort Punta De Mita on the northern end of Banderas Bay [in Mexico].

Style icon:
Sade—classic, simple elegance with strength.

Three things still on his bucket list:
To go on a safari in Tanzania, do an interview with Oprah, and make a billion dollars [laughs].

Who has made her feel star struck or tongue-tied:
Speaking to Michael Jackson.

Number one reason for taking care of her body:
To be as healthy as possible in order to live a long life and be able to do what I love, which is to perform.

How her fitness/eating routine changed over the years:
I don't work out as rigorously as I used to. Because I dance so much, I burn a lot of calories.

How she prepared for her latest album release:
I try to eat as healthy as possible, drink a lot of water and sleep when I can.