My healthy: Cheyenne Jackson

The pure and simple pleasures that keep the actor feeling refreshed.

With a resume that includes memorable cameos on "Glee" and "30 Rock" and supporting roles in HBO’s "Behind The Candelabra" and the anticipated film "Love is Strange," Cheyenne Jackson has a filming schedule that keeps him moving nonstop. So it was no surprise to hear that his preferred creature comforts let him slow down, whether he's at home or on the road.

meditation pillow

"I have a meditation pillow that is really comfortable. I try to meditate every day for at least 10 minutes. It seems like a long time but once you’re in the zone it’s quite therapeutic. It’s very hard to do but if you do it long enough you get to the point where you can shut everything else out. It’s about forcing yourself to breathe and be still."

white sheets

"I love really clean and fresh bedding. I don’t really have a preferred brand, but I love a high thread count - who doesn’t? I like my bedroom environment to be kind of like a spa. I live a crazy life so it needs to be peaceful."

aveda products

"I swear by their products. They make great lotions and have an amazing face mask as well."

new balance sneakers

"I love a classic black shoe. I go through them so quickly; I broke my foot twice this year. If I’m not careful — like texting and walking on a curb — that will do it."


"I love tea and drink a lot of it. Vocally, it really helps and soothes, so I drink a lot of tea with honey, ginger and lemon. People in their riders say they need all these extravagant things. In mine, all I need is fruit, tea and some water. I’m very basic."

tender greens

"I recently moved to Los Angeles and have been going to Tender Greens a lot. There are so many choices and everything is always so flavorful and healthy."


"I love one singular orchid that stands by itself. I always have one near me. I find it very beautiful and relaxing. This started a few years ago when I purchased a new table for my apartment and I found the orchid just complemented it perfectly."