Unzipped: Lorna Jane

The activewear line's founder on how she stays ever-ready for her next great workout.

Lorna Jane Clarkson approaches every day with the mindset that her next inspiring and energy-boosting workout could be just around the corner. To that end, the Australian founder and chief creative officer of women's activewear line Lorna Jane keeps a stash of stylish and practical gear with her at all times. Here, Clarkson offers up her essentials for a good, impromptu sweat.

louis vuitton bag

"This is my favorite handbag at the moment, as it fits everything I could ever need (even my yoga mat) and is one of those perfect versatile pieces that takes me from gym class to a business meeting with ease."
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lorna jane gear

"I am never without my activewear, and usually have an outfit stashed in my bag at all times. I love being able to make the most of my time – and what better way to clear your head on a super busy day than to eat at your desk and use your lunch break for a workout instead."

Lorna Jane is available at the following Equinox shops: Tysons Corner, South Beach, Lincoln Park, Westwood, Palos Verdes, Woodland Hills, San Mateo, Irvine.
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neutrogena cleansing wipes

"I don’t wear much make up, but I want my face to be clean and fresh before and after I exercise. Having these on-hand keeps my skin fresh and blemish-free."
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lucas papaya ointment

"For an instant pick-me-up and to keep my lips moisturized and chafe-free, I carry Lucas Papaya ointment with me at all times."
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"I like to be prepared, so I take a pair of sneakers almost everywhere I go because you never know when you might get an opportunity to exercise. I have been known to walk or run home from a meeting that has gone a little long, just to get my 30 minute workout done for the day."
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green smoothie

"I try to have a green smoothie at least once a day. I blend them in the morning and then stash them in my bag for an easy and nutritious mid-morning or afternoon snack."
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