Unzipped: John Jannuzzi

The Lucky magazine editor unpacks his workout essentials.

Working as Lucky magazine's contributing digital editor, John Jannuzzi spends his professional life sitting at a computer. Science, of course, says that's far from ideal, so good thing the editor has found a foolproof way to undo the damage. "My trainer sends me daily workouts every night. I do squats, dead lifts, farmer's carries, turkish get-ups and a lot of kettle bell work in the mornings, then I'll walk up to my office to balance it out a little," he says. "After work I head back in for a run and some ab work — it's one of the best ways to burn off the stress of an office day." Here, the essentials that keep Jannuzzi's sessions stylish.


"I've had this bag for a few months now and it's held up really well and has more than enough room for everything I need during the day and at the gym. The padded straps are a bonus (I bruise easily). Pro tip: stuff your gym shorts and a t-shirt in your shoes to save room."
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"A lot of people give me a hard time for rolling with an iPod classic, but it's still the best. I pretty much always have headphones and refuse to work out without it. Everybody knows the perfect song can jumpstart your routine, and I'm currently hooked on DragonForce's 'Through the Fire and Flames.' Trust me, it's good."
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klipsch headphones

"These are expensive, but totally worth the money. I've shorted out a lot of headphones at the gym, but these are built to last and have the best sound quality. You can't hear anything but the music, which is awesome when you're trying to avoid people. Just walk on by."
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lululemon shorts

"My brother gave me these for Christmas, promising I'd become a member of their cult. Ever since then, I'm a complete convert. Embrace the Lululemon."
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j.crew v-necks

"I basically live in these. They're comfortable, not too expensive and the v-neck is actually the perfect depth that it won't pull your headphones if you thread them through your shirt."
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superga shoes

"I'm sure there are better shoes for lifting out there, but I usually just wear these. They're nice and low and with a few pats of baby powder they won't stink up."
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source organic whey

"It's always important to re-up after a workout and I've been on an organic whey kick for almost a year. I'd like to say I mix it with some shake, but really, two scoops in a glass of water and I'm in business."
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green tea

"I drink green tea all day long. I usually have a cup in the morning before I get to the gym and then keep it up over the course of the day. Been drinking the same brand for almost 10 years now too, can't go wrong."
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under armour boxers

"I once ran in regular boxers. That was a horrifying experience. Don't do it."
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