Patricia Moreno: my guru

The fitness leaders you love have icons, too, highlighted in our new series. First up, intenSati's Patricia Moreno.

They're the innovators, instructors and trainers who inspire you — so who inspires them? In a new series, we'll ask your favorite Equinox personalitiesabout the leaders they follow. Read on to meet Your Guru's Guru.

Your Guru:
Patricia Moreno, Group Fitness Instructor, creator of intenSati and author of The intenSati Method: The Seven Secret Principles To Thinner Peace

Your Guru's Guru:
"When I think of my Guru, I think of someone who has helped me to evolve and grow beyond what I was before as well as to create intenSati. Mine is Lauren Zandor, a life coach and co-founder of the Handel Group Life Coaching Company."

When She Discovered Her:
"Lauren actually came to one of my early intenSati classes and afterwards, introduced herself and said that she had loved it. From there we became friends and she began coaching me."

What She Loves About Her:
"Lauren taught me to be authentic and honest in my teaching. Before, I was always talking about what Marianne Williamson says. But Lauren encouraged me to stand in front of the class and to tell the truth about myself. She taught me that by revealing yourself, it allows others to relate to you and that is what can cause transformation in the room. I started sharing my personal struggles and dreams — how I had been bulimic and was frustrated with my physical appearance. And by doing so, it completely changed the culture in the room as well as intenSati — and the rest of my life. It is because of her that I began to teach and live with integrity as well as align what I wanted with the actions that would support that. She taught me to be vulnerable and powerful and to speak the truth because the truth is what heals. And it is because of this that intenSati exploded in 2002."

What She Learned From Her:
"Be mindful that you consciously exude energy. When you walk down the street or are in Warrior One pose, be aware of what you are radiating. Is it joy or is it fear? You can apply this to all that you do in your life. Whether you are interacting or dancing, teaching or training. Be mindful that you can bring a level of love and joy and openness in everything. A yoga posture is simply a symbol of life — it is just one expression of all we do, every day. And be honest with others but also with yourself. It will heal you."