Amy Dixon: my guru

She gives props to the prowess of one of indoor cycling's top innovators.

They're the innovators, instructors and trainers who inspire you — so who inspires them? In a new series, we'll ask your favorite Equinox personalitiesabout the leaders they follow. Read on to meet Your Guru's Guru.

Your Guru:
Amy Dixon, Group Fitness Manager at Equinox Santa Monica, group fitness instructor and Schwinn Master Trainer

Her Guru:
"Jay Blahnik, one of the most world-renowned trainers as well as fitness consultants for Equinox and other top companies such as Nike and Apple. When President Obama had a meeting with the best fitness experts in the country, Jay was one of them."

When She Discovered Him:
"The first time I met Jay was about 12 years ago, when I attended a Precision Cycling workshop that he was teaching in Los Angeles. He was the guy to know and train with when it came to indoor cycling."

What She Loves About Him:
"He also has this unique ability to engage everyone in a room. If you were to say to Jay: Tell me 100 things that would motivate someone to key into their workout, he can do it in a second. He understands motivational technique and how as an instructor, your intensity matters. You can’t help but want to be around him. It doesn’t matter if he is balancing plates on his head. You have to be there."

What She Learned From Him:
"From the very first time I met Jay in that indoor cycling workshop, I learned that as an instructor, it wasn’t just about when you sit or when you stand or when you do this or that, it’s about how to be a great coach, too. Jay taught instructors how to be great coaches on the bike. And then I took what I learned from Jay—maximizing a visual and auditory connection—back into the main studio as well. He made me understand that teaching fitness was not just about putting on a show.

Also, he taught me to go with my instincts and talk other people up. He goes out of his way to make you feel like you’re amazing. It’s just who he is. For me, that is the thing that I love the most about Jay. Even though he was the best, he surrounded himself with those that he felt were the best, too."

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