Warm-up music will pump you up (literally)

Research shows that listening to upbeat music during a warm-up leads to an improved workout.

Imagine 30/60/90 without the fast-paced music – just silence. Impossible, right? For many, exercising without music is like sleeping with the lights on – doable, yes, but much more difficult, and much less enjoyable.

In a recent study published in The Asian Journal of Sports Medicine,12 competitive male athletes listened to music at 120-140 beats per minute during a 10-minute warm-up, then performed a 30-second sprint on an indoor bike. Two days later the same study took place but without any warm-up music. The findings revealed that listening to fast-tempo warm-up music did not significantly affect the heart rate or RPE, but it did increase the athletes' peak power output.

We spoke with Dr. Paul Spector of Pantheon Medicine who, while suggesting the study was weak, did agree that, “music has a profound effect on the nervous system.” He continued, “physical exertion in different cultures where the music appears to be an essential component allows levels and duration of physical output that were not possible without the musical stimulus.”

Safe to say, many of us love and depend on our go-to workout jams, so why not get the music started a little sooner? Cue up some tunes as you prep for your next workout. It may be just the boost you need to take it up a notch.

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