Get a chic night's sleep

For master decorator Jeffrey Alan Marks, no space is more important than where he logs 8 precious hours a night.

There's a time and a place for dramatic foyers and chef's kitchens, but for Jeffrey Alan Marks, it's all about the bedroom. In fact Marks, dubbed one of Los Angeles’ most wanted decorators by The Hollywood Reporterand the founder of JAM Design, begins with the bedroom when designing a home. "So many people put it off until last, but I believe the time spent in this room, not only sleeping but loving is paramount to a good life," he says. In between final edits of his upcoming book, The Meaning of Home,Mr. JAM himself listed his top essentials for a near perfect night's sleep.

swedish dream sea salt soap

"A bath before bed is essential. I use Swedish Sea Salt Soap from CB2. It has a great smell and the salt crystals are a natural exfoliant."
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linen bath towels

"Good towels are essential. I use linen in the summer because they're lighter."
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ursa major face tonic

"Before bed, I like to spray Ursa Major Face Tonic on my face. It’s hydrating, refreshing and smells incredible."
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chamomile tea

"I drink Chamomile tea before I go to sleep every night. Loose leaf from Local Harvest is my favorite."
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derek rose pajamas

"I wear these to sleep – but only the bottoms."
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"I keep a carafe of water on my nightstand so if I wake up in the night, I don't have to get up for water. The one I have was a gift from a friend of mine. She brought it back from Italy so it has sentimental value as well."

jeffrey alan marks sheets

"My sheets are custom made - my own design, I have five different styles that I rotate. Fresh bed linens are the ultimate luxury. These are made to order through my company."
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a good read

"I like a little reading before bed. I have a draft copy of my coffee table book The Meaning of Home on my nightstand because I'm always reviewing it to make sure it’s perfect. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon now and it comes out in September. I'll be glad when it's the hardcover and not the draft so I don't have to make any more changes."
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"And the last thing I do before a peaceful slumber is check out what my favorite friends from London to Malibu have been doing during the day on Instagram. It always gives me pleasant dreams."
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