My healthy: Fredrik Eklund

How the reality star and real estate mogul stays fit.

If you've caught any of this season's "Million Dollar Listing New York", you've seen the vigor with which broker extraordinaire Fredrik Eklund navigates the Manhattan real estate market — from closing a sale on a tandem bike tour of Soho to inserting a strategically-placed high kick into a conversation. Since he's always going, we wondered how he built a body that can keep up. The answer: a regular weight-lifting routine (“I’ve never really done cardio. I don’t like it,” he says), and this healthy hit list:

protein shake

"I don’t eat breakfast; I never have. I workout, and then have a protein shake that I will pick up wherever. I have very little time."


"I literally work in the gym while I’m working out. I have a company in Sweden and because of the time difference I am already behind like six hours. I have to run up and out on the street sometimes. It’s crazy, I know, but I do it. I would never have time to work out if I didn’t simultaneously do office work. People always say they’re too busy, but if you do 200 emails while you’re lifting weights, it’s pretty close to being in the office."
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"I started drinking it when I first moved to New York 11 years ago and found Starbucks. I have at least one matcha a day every day, with the exception of when I’m in Europe or Asia where Starbucks unfortunately doesn’t have green tea matcha — very annoying. So the first thing I do when I land in New York is go straight to a Starbucks."

salmon sashimi

"Well, I don’t want to give out my secret because they’re already so busy, but it’s called Monster Sushi on 23rd street. I have traveled the entire world, including Japan, and I have never, ever, in my entire life, seen better salmon. Order the salmon dun — these big pieces of salmon sushimi with some rice — and you’re gonna die. The color of that fish, oh my god. The doctor actually said I should eat less of it because when you eat it as much as I do it’s actually not that great for you…"
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nike sneakers

"I have a lot of sneakers. I like sneakers. They need to be colorful and they need to be Nike. I design them myself on Nike’s website — like some really crazy ones."
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incognito gym gear

"I’m not the kind of person who really dresses up for the gym. I have one hundred fancy suits in my walk-in closet. It’s kind of nice to just go with a non-brand outfit. When I was younger I would take more risks with my workout clothing, but now I just wear big, black baggy pants and a big black baggy t-shirt and a baseball hat so no one sees me."

healthy dinner

"My husband cooks a lot, or I cook for him. We do lots of vegetables, chicken, fish —always healthy, clean and fresh. I don’t like to eat out because I have a tendency to overeat. Especially now that I’m a little older, it goes straight to my stomach, and it’s harder and harder to stay as fit as I want. And drinking wine at night right before bed just makes me feel really gross, so I try to stay away."