My healthy: entrepreneur Robert Reffkin

The tech startup founder and seasoned marathoner shares his healthy hit list.

If you have ever tried to look for an apartment in New York City, you know that it is by far the most stressful, frustrating and, unlike your workouts, inefficient experience you have ever had — or will ever have — in Manhattan. Robert Reffkin started Urban Compass to change all that. The newly launched site is streamlining the rental process with a razor-sharp online search function, fully web-based application system and a non-commission-based broker model. Plus they’re helping you remember why you decided to live in this great city in the first place, with beautifully curated neighborhood guides.

So sufficed to say, Reffkin's been busy. And as a seasoned marathoner (he's about to run his 50th 26.2 this fall— in NYCof course — completing his quest to run 50 races in 50 states to raise $1 million for non-profits) he's had to majorly adjust his usual routine. “For the 3 months before we launched, I was only running once a week and wasn’t sleeping as much as I should have been,” says Reffkin, “so the only way I could focus on being healthy was by eating really, really well.” Here's his must-have health list for surviving the startup:

kashi with rice or soy milk

"I always have organic cereal — usually Kashi, which my wife buys. I try to eat organic whenever possible, and I don’t do dairy, so I’ll have either rice or soy milk — vanilla not original."

pool table

"I think it’s really important to get up from your desk every few hours. We have a pool table in the office, so I’ll get out of my chair and hang out with the team for a little while. It really re-energizes you."

rooftop yoga

"Recently we started having an instructor come in to do yoga on our rooftop. I stretch a lot. I think it’s the most underappreciated piece of a healthy regime."


"I run either really early in the morning or really late at night — like around 11 or midnight. I love running outside, generally along the Westside Highway, or, if I have time I’ll do loops in the park. I also like to run home from the office instead of getting in a cab or taking the subway."


"We order breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner if we’re working late for our entire staff. It’s great to know that no matter what happens throughout the day, I can guarantee that I’ll be getting 3 healthy meals. And you can never go wrong with sushi. We usually order from Akimoto or Haru."