My healthy: Giuliana Rancic

Before her inaugural Mother's Day, the E! host shares her wellness essentials.

Following a bout with breast cancer and well documented hurdles on the path to motherhood, Giuliana Rancic's first Mother's Day, celebrated as a healthy mom to healthy eight-month-old Edward Duke, is especially sweet. And despite a relentlessly busy schedule, as an E! host, reality star and co-founder of fitness and lifestyle site FabFitFun amongst other gigs, she refuses to let her wellbeing take a back seat. "I knew that having a baby would change my workout schedule drastically, so I try to squeeze in quick workouts while Duke is napping. Or my husband Bill and I will take him on a hike or a jog with us in his cute jogger stroller. It’s all about finding the perfect balance."

Rancic has also discovered a newfound and highly motivating source of inspiration over the past year: Baby Duke himself. "I have always been pretty health conscious, but now that I'm a mom, I really focus on healthy habits. I plan to be around for a long time for this little guy." Here, five favorite things that help her on her way:

Lysol disinfectant: "We bring Lysol disinfectant with us wherever we go, as we like to keep everything as germ-free as possible, especially when we are traveling with Duke! The wipes are perfect for wiping down surfaces to get rid of germs."

Coco Café: "Bill and I love drinking Coco Café. It’s an espresso drink made with coconut water so it has tons of electrolytes."

Aquafor: "Duke has very sensitive skin and Aquafor really helps. Plus, it keeps my hands moisturized and smooth, too!"

Danskin sneakers: "Danskin sneakers are the most lightweight and comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn. Like I said, I try to squeeze in work outs whenever I can, so I always make sure I have a pair of sneakers on hand."

Kind bars: "It is so important to keep snacks for yourself ready to go at a moments notice. I keep Kind bars in my purse, car and even in Duke’s diaper bag! They are the healthiest bars I have been able to find and they fill you up and give you energy for a few hours!"