Unzipped: Sarah DeAnna

The model and <em>Supermodel YOU</em> author unpacks her workout essentials.

For her day job, model Sarah DeAnna makes Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein ready-to-wear look like second skin. Off duty, it's her workout look that gets the most mileage. She's a fitness fanatic ("I have been obsessed with working out ever since I was a little kid in diapers sweating to the oldies with my mom and Richard Simmons") and Equinox devotee ("my gym time is my sacred me time; it’s where I gather my thoughts, de-stress, relax, and get major inspiration.")

DeAnna's new book, Supermodel You, outlines the principles to which she attributes her fit body, glowing skin and overall wellness. "The book is my manifesto for how to live a lifestyle that will bring you good health, confidence and fun. Model tested and approved." This Thursday, DeAnna will be celebrating her book launch at our Marina del Rey club. If you're not in the area, here's a taste of her very pink and perpetually matching workout essentials.

stella mccartney bag

"I’m a workout fanatic and used to parade around New York, Milan, and Paris in my sneakers and Lululemon Gym bag. So comfortable, but not always so fashion forward! I still rock my Lulu bag on hikes since you can fit everything in there and it organizes my essentials into compartments (which not always-so-organized me appreciates). Recently I’m a lot more likely to be seen with my oversized Stella McCartney bag (that happens to match my Nikes) or another one of my fave oversized designer bags. I love supporting the brands I work for and I’m all about the ability to go from the runway or photo shoot to the spin bike or yoga mat in style."
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nike snakers

"I’m a huge fan of Nike. I’m from Oregon, where Nike is based. I was branded as a kid and probably have more pairs of Nike shoes than I care to admit. I’m also kind of obsessed with matching and probably have every color! I actually got in trouble with my agent when I first started modeling, because apparently, it’s not tres chic to match everything. Whoops! Right now I’m loving the bright neon colors they have in stores and the new Nike Sky Dunks."
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nike kanga hoodie

"Like I said, I’m a matching addict. I love and wear Lululemon, and the new Victoria’s Secret Sport stuff is super cute. But my Nike workout clothes just match my Nike shoes so well. I’m always cold until I get warmed up so I love sporting a super cute Nike kanga hoodie. Pink and grey to match my pink shoes and pink bag. I know, I’m terrible!"


"I’m pretty sure this is my most prized possession, I’d be lost without it. But while I have my phone on me at all times, it’s not actually in service once I enter the gym. I put it on airplane mode and only use my phone for music. My agents actually know to have me paged at the gym if they can’t reach me via phone, text or email. I kind of love that!"
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vapur anti-bottle

"Water is not only a major gym essential, it is a major essential, period. It’s crazy important to stay hydrated. Do not underestimate this major body and beauty secret! I love my Vapur Anti-Bottle. It’s easy to carry and can be folded and rolled up. It’s reusable, comes in every color, and of course is eco-chic."
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gopals power wraps

"I always have some kind of pre- and post-workout snack. Usually it’s a raw protein bar, a handful of raw cashews, other nuts or even some good old fashioned fruit. I’m also obsessed with Gopals Power Wraps. I always have enough food in my bag to last me a few days. Food and calories are energy and I thrive on healthy food that gives me sustained energy."


"There are so many pre-workout supplements and boosts out there and most of them are loaded with caffeine and other stuff that I do not recommend. I love drinking half a Kombucha pre-workout and the other half post-workout. Super refreshing, super yummy, and a super healthy energy boost! I’m obsessed with Dave’s Synergy Kombuchas and love every flavor, but the one I’m loving most right now is Raspberry Rush. Apparently I have pink fever for spring!"
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dr. alkaitis travel set

"I am a product snob. I don’t like putting anything unnatural in or on my body. What I love about Equinox is that I don’t have to pack my entire toiletry set with me because Equinox amenities include Kiehls products. I do however always have my Dr. Alkaitis travel set with me. Dr. Alkaitis products are all natural, organic and raw and used by many supermodels, including Gisele."
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fitbit flex

"My new tech fitness obsession! I don’t actually have one of these amazing wireless fitness bracelets yet. I’m still waiting for mine to arrive. It’s brand new, super cute and is the perfect accessory for tracking the 5 keys I talk about in Supermodel YOU. With the Fitbit Flex you can wirelessly track your activity/workout and your sleeping habits, as well as how well you’re eating. I can’t wait for mine to arrive!"
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