5 questions with Jessica Alba

The actress, entrepreneur and mom on her healthy habits and latest obsessions.

In co-founding The Honest Company, her line of eco-chic diapers, wipes and cleaning products, Jessica Alba has made launching a company look easy. But of course it's not, especially when (as is the case for the actress and mother of two,) you already have a day job. We asked Alba for a bit of insight into her hectic yet healthy world.

Favorite workout:

I like doing dance cardio classes, and low power yoga but I actually don't like working out at all. It is not fun, I need music to drown out my inner voice that is telling me, I hate this and to stop and that I should drink a glass of wine right now.

Favorite health food or drink:
Water! Seriously, it betters everything. You should try to get as much water in you as possible.

Best career advice she's ever gotten:
I've received a lot of career advice but I think the best is, if you can be derailed from your path, then that is the right path to take.

Latest obsession:
I have a few fashion obsessions, I am loving the crazy color combinations and mixed patterns, Kenzo and Narcisco Rodriguez for Kohl's is really accessible. I also loved the early 90's. Versace, thats where it was at.

Advice to get through the day:
Keep it moving....just keep it moving!