Unzipped: Shiona Turini

The CR Fashion Book market director opens up her gym bag.

There are fashion editors seeking their industry's holy grail: a waistline that can bask in the glory of a sample size. And there is Shiona Turini, who's in pursuit of a body that's a little more high performing. The market director at CR Fashion Book, the biannual magazine from former Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld completed the New York City marathon in 2011. "I never even thought I was athletic until I trained for the marathon," says Turini, who intersperses high energy classes like spinning and hot yoga with regular runs. "It was the greatest accomplishment of my life, and gave me an entirely new outlook on fitness and working out." Turini's profession entails covering ready-to-wear, accessories and beauty. Her gym bag doesn't disappoint.

phillip lim tote

"Traditional gym bags drive me crazy - they always seem to be too heavy before I've even loaded them up. I avoid any gym bag that's too athletic which is why I love this Phillip Lim tote - it has the perfect amount of pockets."
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nike sportwatch with gps

"Even when I'm not running I wear my Nike sportwatch to the gym. I'm not sure you're supposed to track spin classes on this device, but it's fun to load up all of my workouts on my Nike Connect profile."
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nike gyakusou leggings and sneakers

"I'm a huge fan of workout clothes. When I first started running, a cute athletic outfit would give me extra motivation to leave the house and run! Now I wear workout clothes even when I'm nowhere near the gym. My go-to brand is Nike, and the Gyakusou collaboration was one of my favorite fashion moments last year."
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clarisonic mia

"It may seem like a hassle to carry a Clarisonic to the gym, but my skin is prone to breakouts when working out consistently and this really makes a difference. Its worth the extra weight in my tote."
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hunting season python cosmetic clutch

"I keep all of my travel sized beauty goods in this clutch. It's the perfect size to pop in my gym bag, and it's so chic."
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division east t-shirts

"Even though I typically work out in all Nike, all the time, I've started to live in my Division East 'Obama' and Redman 'Welcome to Newark' t-shirts. I probably shouldn't wear them to the gym because whenever I do, people try and talk to me at great lengths about them!"
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bobby brown bb cream

"After the gym I usually don't have a lot of time before I have to run off to a market appointment, back to the office or to a work dinner, and this BB Cream is a godsend for me. I'm lazy when it comes to makeup, and it provides the best coverage and moisturizer in one bottle."
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tom ford beauty brow sculptor

"My makeup is pretty minimal, but great brows can transform your face. This is the best brow sculptor I've ever used - I'm addicted. I use the chestnut for a darker, more dramatic brow, and a lighter one for every day."
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hair rules daily cleansing cream + paul labrecque straight finish

"I'm obsessed with hair, and not ashamed to admit that 80% of the products in my makeup bag are hair related. My gym bag is pretty weighed down with hair products but these are two brands I won't go to the gym without. If I'm wearing my hair curly I take a ton of Hair Rules products. If it's straight, I need my Paul Labrecque straight finish."
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falke ru4 running socks

"I know socks are a strange thing to be obsessed with - but apparently these have an anatomical fit, heel pad cushions and a supportive toe box. I don't know if all of that is really true - all I know is that they are super comfy and super cute! I keep a close eye on them when doing laundry to make sure I don't lose a foot."
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