Unzipped: DJ Spoony

The leading London DJ unpacks his gym bag.

Overlap between the club scene (as in nightlife) and ourclub scene (as in Equinox) is minimal. Except, of course, for the killer soundtrack that belongs in both, and DJ Spoony, the top London DJ who will spin at tonight's Kensington Vernal Equinox party. Despite a profession known for nocturnal hours and, shall we say, less than optimal health habits, Spoony is an avid gym-goer. He boxes, plays football, golfs and does the occasional hot yoga class. "I love keeping fit. I operate better mentally when I'm physically fit, and I eat better too. It has a holistic effect." The music doesn't hurt either. He trains to garage or house music (such as a current fave 'Guess What' by Detroit Swindle; "a deep house track I can lose myself in.") Below, the gear that keeps him in step.

adidas sports bag

"I need a big bag to fit my boxing gloves, shoes and head gear."
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cletro reyes boxing gloves + adidas boxing boots and headgear

"Boxing gets me into the best shape and it’s important to have the right kit. These are the world's leading brands."
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liverpool football t-shirt

"I’ve been a Liverpool fan since I was 7."
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viktor & rolf spicebomb aftershave

"This is a good daytime fragrance. Putting on aftershave makes me feel dressed and ready to go out."
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galaxy s3 phone

"The Galaxy S3 phone with 32 meg micro sim card loaded with my mixes for training. I warm up to 'Everywhere' by Fleetwood Mac, which is a feel good tune that gets me in the mood. And I cool down to Roberta Flack's 'Killing Me Softly'. Just an amazing song."
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sanex shower gel

"I try not to use soap or products that dry out my skin."
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maximuscle protein milkshake and cyclone

"Perfect to get me ready for a serious training session. Cyclone gets me good results and helps my libido too!"
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