Diary of a fashion director

Milk Studios' Jenne Lombardo whisks us through three days in her life during New York Fashion Week.

Known for her eye-catching sense of style, Milk Studios’ fashion director Jenne Lombardo is one of the most fabulous faces of New York Fashion Week. A regular morning workout girl at Equinox on 17th Street in the Meatpacking district, just around the corner from Milk, she keeps in shape with daily kickboxing sessions with her trainer — “he annihilates me, but without a trainer I can be a quitter,” she says. Jenne also follows a clean eating regime — shunning sugar (“aside from alcohol!”), dairy and gluten, and packing in plenty of green juice and lean protein. But how easy is it to stay on top of it during fashion week (a week so busy she trades her apartment in Brooklyn for a room at the Standard to be closer to work)? We followed her for three days this season to find out how she keeps it up when the going gets tough.

7:30 am:
"I naturally wake up every day at 7:30am, no matter what time I go to bed. Before I get my coffee and read the paper I go for a cold, brisk 3.5 mile run on the Westside highway. Then I head back to the Standard to get ready, where I order egg whites and a soya decaf latte on room service. I don’t really do juice unless it’s a green juice — I limit my fruit intake because of the sugar. I gave up sugar about a year ago, apart from alcohol, although I probably will end up having a little during fashion week."

10:00 am:
"I get dressed and head into the office, where I have rolling racks of clothes and will change up to three times a day depending on what shows and events I’m going to."

11:00 am:
"Somebody comes to the office to give me a vitamin B12 shot. Every fashion week in the past I’ve gotten the flu because I end up running on empty, so this time I’m taking extra precautions! I'm also taking a Wellness formula which I get at Life Thyme or Wholefoods — I ignore the suggested dosage, which is about 80 drops in a bottle of water, and literally just do a shot of it!"

12:00 pm:
"I tend to eat lunch early, and today I have a brown rice bowl with grilled vegetables from Friedman’s in Chelsea Market because I don’t know what time I’ll get to eat dinner later, if at all."

4:00 pm:
"I snack on a handful of almonds — we’ve got boxes of them from one of our MADE Fashion Week sponsors, Walgreens. I also drink bottle after bottle of smartwater all day long."

7:00 pm:
"I am a guest of my friend Stacey Bendet, the designer for Alice + Olivia, on her table at the amFAR event, which is amazing. It’s a dinner but I don’t get to eat because I can only stay a short while. I do have a couple of canapés — caviar, which is very decadent and rich, and some rice balls. I don’t drink champagne, but I have a Bellini."

9:00 pm:
"I run back to Milk Studios, change, and head into the Last Magazine event we’re hosting as a kick off for Fashion Week. I have a couple of bottles of Peroni, another one of our sponsors."

11:00 pm:
"I head to Bow, on the Bowery, where my friend Chelsea Leyland is DJing, and make it back to the Standard to get into to bed by 1am."

7:30 am:
"I actually can’t sleep in, it’s always been this way — which is a curse if I’ve had a late night! I head straight to Equinox on 17th and 10th for a run. I miss my morning kickboxing workouts, but during fashion week there just isn’t time. Putting in half an hour on the treadmill helps energize me though. I shower at the gym."

9:30 am:
"I’m pretty consistent with my breakfast. Today I did two hard-boiled eggs with steamed spinach."

10:30 am:
"I head into the office, where I have lots of calls with the team who are helping launch MADE Fashion Week in Paris this season. I have a kale-based green juice from One Lucky Duck in Chelsea Market, and work through until our first show."

3:00 pm:
"I go to watch our first runway show of the season, Costello Tagliapietra, who shows lots of gorgeous jewel colors for fall 2013."

4:00 pm:
"Starving. Somebody has put in a huge order of sandwiches, and I grab a gigantic vegetarian one to eat on the move. Not the easiest to eat as I had my make-up done earlier, and I end up just picking at it."

5:00 pm:
"I head into the Lexus lounge at Milk Studios, where they have truffle chips and sausages. Somehow I think this is a more sensible lunch than the sandwich!"

6:30 pm:
"I head into Soho for the opening of French designer Vanessa Bruno’s pop-up store on Green Street. They’re serving Laduree macaroons, but I am able to resist."

8:00 pm:
"I give myself the night off, knowing that I have a week of parties ahead of me. I order a take out of all different kinds of sashimi and hand rolls without the rice, just extra vegetables, from Takahashi, and watch the Bourne Identity."

11:00 pm:

7:30 am:
"I don’t work out this morning, the first show is at 11:30am and I want to get a head start on the day. Today I order a berry bowl — blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries — with fresh mint. Clean and simple. I get sick of having eggs every day. I also have a decaf soya latte. At home I just have hot water with lemon before my regular training session."

10:30 am:
"Another green juice from One Lucky Duck. I also love camomile tea in the mornings, it doesn’t make me sleepy and I find it really clean tasting. I also like Dr Passler's shakes, which come as a powder that I mix with eater or unsweetened almond milk."

2:00 pm:
"We do a big group order from Taim, the falafel shop in the West Village. I get a platter with three different salads, a cucumber one, a carrot one and a tabbouleh, with hummus. I also love harissa, anything spicy."

3:00 pm:
"My seven-year old daughter Roxy comes in to watch the Cushnie et Ochs runway show. It was so much fun. She’s here for a couple of hours, gets a tour and picks up all her Walgreens snacks. She wants the chocolate covered pretzels, which I am fine about. My kids don’t have that kind of food at home, so I’m not strict with it when it’s around. She also helps me pick out my outfit for this evening."

5:00 pm:
"I get my hair done in my dressing room on site at Milk Studios."

6:00 pm:
"I quickly run to a Valentino event…"

7:15 pm:
"…and back to Milk Studios for the announcement of the CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund nominees. Then I have a Peroni while I walk around the presentations from Tabitha Simmons, Jennifer Meyer and The Elder Statesman in our 8th floor studio."

8:00 pm:
"Time for the Suno runway show, which I love. The models are even wearing 24-carat gold leaf on their nails."

9:00 pm:
"A group of us have dinner at the Standard. We always order the same thing — a group order of oysters, Brussels sprouts, broccoli rabe, the Million Dollar chicken and the Porterhouse for two — and share it family style. I also have two dirty martinis with vodka. I’m so tired by this point, if I drink wine I will pass out."

11:00 pm:
"We brave snowstorm Nemo and head to the Jane Hotel for the Suno after party, which is also the designer’s birthday party. I manage to make it to bed by 1am."