My healthy: Hannah Bronfman

How the entrepreneur, DJ and girl about town has mastered the art of wellness.

Hannah Bronfman gets well-deserved attention for being at the core of a new breed of the cool and stylish. But it's a less glamorous space, health, that's her hobby, part-time profession and passion all rolled into one. The DJ and budding entrepeneur has two apps in the works (one related to booking beauty appointments from a curated list of luxury salons; the other about food transparency), and spends her days exploring every aspect of fitness and wellness in New York City. Through the years she's cultivated her own personal team of experts: Wellness doctor. Pilates instructor. Holistic facialist. Boxing coach. Name a class, she's taken it. Name an eating plan (raw, blood type, gluten-free, dairy-free) and she's tried that too.

"I grew up as a ballerina dancing in the city," says the NYC native of her years at Ballet Academy East, where she danced until she was 16. "Being in that world I became really aware of nutrition." Through the years, awareness became curiosity, and curiosity has now evolved into something bigger. "I went on a road of self-health discovery. Just yesterday I had all of my hormone levels tested. I want to know the inner workings of all of that stuff, so that's absolutely what I spend my hours doing." Her current passion is food transparency and the GMO movement ("I literally send emails to my friends to sign petitions for proper labeling.") She's serious and knowledgeable, but refreshingly balanced. "I love raw food but it doesn't mean I don't eat meat. Like, let's get real, everything in moderation."

Talk to her for all of one minute and you'll realize that the girl knows her stuff. She makes her own almond milk nightly for God's sake (she also takes the residual nut pulp and makes dehydrated cookies. But that's another story.) Here, she shares a few of the essentials that make up her very healthy world:

nike flyknits

"I'm obsessed with my Nike Flyknits. A great story about them: For Nike to produce any of their shoes it has to take less than 17 minutes. The Flyknits were 22 minutes so they were going to cut them, and this guy was like no, you don't understand, they're going to be amazing. So he figured out a way to use less fabric, therefore taking less time. They got it done in 17 minutes and now they're the sickest shoes ever. I don't know how, but I just know weird shit like that."
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candles + bath

"I love lighting candles and taking an Epsom salt bath. The Epsom salts are key, key, key. I drink so much water and have so many juices, the bath helps to de-bloat. It's also good for my muscles. I work out every day and the bath gives my muscles a chance to relax. It's the 20 minutes in my day or week that I have to be by myself and chill."


"This place is great. I love to eat raw during the day as much as I can. I hadn't had a caesar salad in maybe five years and I don't know why I decided to get one here, but I did and it was fucking awesome. They also have amazing raw pizza."

homemade nut milk

"You buy like a pound of raw almonds, put them in a bowl and soak them overnight. In the morning you peel them, throw them in a blender with a cup of water and a pinch of salt, and then strain it through a cheese cloth. I leave it in the fridge for two hours until it gets cold. It is so satisfying doing it and it tastes amazing."

asap gel

"This is a probiotic face gel and it fades any spot you've ever had. It's amazing. I started using it because I have a bit of acne scars. [My holistic doctor] Tracy Piper was like you need to use this, and now my skin's pretty evenly toned."