The canine club

A doggy subscription service and other healthy, high-end goodies no pooch should be without.

You go top of the line on your fitness club, juice regimen, organic meals — all in the name of health and wellness. It only seems fair to share the love with your furry ones. Meet BarkBox, a New York-based monthly subscription service that selects luxurious treats and toys for dogs, and delivers them right to your door. "We only carry healthy items," says Matt Meeker, co-founder of BarkBox, which donates 10 percent of its proceeds to a different shelter each month. "We're not into anything processed." Meeker, proud parent to his exceptionally large Great Dane, Hugo, had a shared frustration with BarkBox's co-founders about the limited healthy toy and treat options available at general pet stores. So, the trio decided to make a change.

Meeker has sorted through an endless supply of dog treats, toys and trinkets. Here, he breaks down his ten musts for the happiest, healthiest pooch:


"It's the perfect way to spoil your pup. All of the essentials to keep you and your dog happy and healthy each month, delivered to your door."
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cardio canine leash

"Both dogs and humans need exercise — why not do it together? Running is a great way to keep your pup in shape."
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whole life pet dog treats

"They're organic, healthy and made in the U.S."
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"If you're playing or running outside, you should always give your dog access to fresh water."
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nina ottosson dog puzzles

"Being a healthy dog means exercise as well as keeping the brain sharp. These puzzles are interactive and stimulating."
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ruffwear palisades pack

"Perfect for hikes. Unlike humans, many dogs love to work! Putting a pack on a dog lets them feel like they are on a mission and you'll see a noticeable (and positive) change in their behavior because of it."
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sqwuggies by katie's bumpers

"This toy is durable and great for fetch on land or in water."
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"Dental health is incredibly important to your dog's overall health."
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zukes power bones

"Like PowerBars for dogs!"
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swim lessons

"Dogs love to swim and it's a great way to get exercise. It's also easy on the knees for senior dogs who still want to keep up."
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