Viva la London

Before today's Opening Ceremony and the unveiling of Equinox's Kensington club later this year, we tour the city's healthiest haunts.

Seven years in the making and the athletic world has finally arrived in London. Yes, the traffic is terrible, it is highly likely to rain, and we couldn't actually get tickets to see any of the events. But let's not be negative about London 2012. Instead, take inspiration from the dedicated sportsmen and women who have spent years training for this moment and explore our guide to the healthy side of the city.


Raw food gets sophisticated at this minimalist restaurant in the Royal Academy. Enjoy a guilt-free meal made from 100% plant-based foods while seated under a sign that proclaims 'Cooking is so last year.' On the menu; fresh juices, 'lasagne' made with layers of raw vegetables, cashew cream and tomato sauce, bread made from cold-pressed seeds and vegan cupcakes made without an oven.
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barking bathhouse

Escape the chaos of the Games at the Barking Bathhouse — a temporary spa/healthy cocktail bar open until September 16th in Dagenham. The design-led project — part of the Create festival — features treatment rooms, a makeshift beach made from a pile of pebbles, a sustainable wooden sauna and a cool room chilled with dry ice. Health and beauty treatments (massages, facials, manicures) use products grown by a local allotment as well as homegrown cucumbers sprouting from a canopy above the bar.
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gorilla circus

Learn the flying trapeze on a full-sized outdoor rig in Regents Park or Battersea Park. Beginners or Intermediate levels are welcome; opt for a single class or sign up for a four-week course to really get the hang of it. Note: toned arms and abs are a by-product of holding on for dear life.
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honestly healthy

Eating well is easy thanks to Honestly Healthy — the fresh, balanced and alkaline range of vegetarian food by chef Natasha Corrett and nutritionist Vicki Edgson. The new, easy-to-cook 'Shake, Stir and Serve' range includes Pearl Barley Mighty Mushroom Risotto, Beautiful Bean & Fig Tagine, Super Quinoa & Lentil All Rounder and Rise and Shine Muesli. (They also offer a fridge fill and meal delivery service).
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Finding the inspiration to work out isn't always easy, which is why we are thrilled about the UK launch of Lululemon. Stylish, functional and flattering, this colorful workout gear currently available in a Chelsea showroom is so pretty you'll be happy to wear it all day — even if you don't actually make it to the gym.
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tokyo bike

Traffic, pollution, good exercise, lack of Boris Bikes thanks to, say, four million extra visitors to London — we can think of lots of good reasons to invest in a Tokyo Bike. The sleek cruisers have a lightweight body, thin wheels and straight handlebars ideal for maneuvering around crowded city streets like those in Tokyo and London. And if that isn't enough, they're available in traffic-stopping colors with mix-and-match options for saddle and handlebars.
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wholefood heaven

The London food truck movement is picking up speed and thanks to Wholefood Heaven, vegetarians, vegans and health-food nuts don't have to miss out. Husband and wife team David (ex chef) and Charlotte (homeopath) Bailey serve delicious and healthy meals from a converted Citroen H van. Don't miss their signature dish: a gluten-free, pan-Asian inspired 'Buddha Bowl' filled with brown rice, curly kale, tofu and sweet potato.
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radiance cleanse

For a total-body overhaul, try Radiance Cleanse's green alkalising juice fast. Opt for the three or five-day plan and they'll deliver freshly pressed organic green juices to your door along with supplements to help you detox. Focus on the benefits (weight loss, glowing skin, improved digestion and sleep) as you sip your way through it.
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