Unzipped: Hope Solo

The gold-medal-winning goalie unpacks her Glasgow gym bag.

It's gold medalist Hope Solo’s third trip to the Games this year, and the goal-keeper has come prepared — well, as prepared as she can be. “Each tournament presents different struggles, challenges and motivations. It’s up to the athlete to overcome, push [his or her] limits and persevere," Hope tells Q, "It doesn’t matter how many [Games] you’ve been to, there’s always the unexpected." (Case in point, the contentious tweets Solo unleashed in response to commentator Brandi Chastain's criticism of her teammate) But while there are no guarantees in London 2012, what Hope does know for sure is exactly what she’ll be carrying in her Nike gym bag as she gears up to meet North Korea on the field today:

simple cleansing facial wipes and simple revitalizing eye roll-on

"I actually have really sensitive skin, which I’ve struggled with for years, and it often flares up because of my crazy schedule, travel and stress. I use Simple skincare products to manage it.”
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nike fuel band

“This is a must to keep track of my workouts.”

jump rope

“I love jumping rope. It helps me keep my quickness as well as endurance, which are both important to my position.”
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rosebud salve

"This helps to save my lips post-workout."
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