The life concierge

A trip to celebrity colorist Sharon Dorram's New York City salon turns up much more than game-changing highlights.

There's a secret society that gathers Tuesday through Saturday on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Though the members, which include editors, socialites, high-powered execs and celebrities (Kate Hudson, Renee Zellweger and Linda Evangelista just to name a few) may not all be acquainted, their lives are undoubtedly impacted by one another. Their leader, the hair stylist du jour Sharon Dorram, draws the ultimate tastemakers to her salon, Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger in New York City, with her irrefutable talents with the brush — but clients end up getting much more. Between trips to the drier and sink they somehow find the answers to some of life's biggest questions. "We are always sharing information — skincare, nutrition, resorts, trainers, masseuses, veterinarians, restaurants — it's endless," says Dorram, "We just pick each others brains. It's fun." Below, she shares her top aggregated musts:

glutathione iv

I swear by my doctor, Mitchell Gaynor. He's an oncologist, and I see him preventatively because I really want to stay healthy. I often go and get a Glutathione IV. It’s the strongest and best dose of antioxidants out there.
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christie brinkley skincare

Christie is a client, and she gave me products from her DNA Renewal line that I love. They're just really nice moisturizers — nothing more than moisturizers. There's a day and a night product, and I've been using both for a few months now, and I really see a difference in my skin.
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breakfast shake

My house is like a grocery store. Nutrition-wise, I can’t possibly do everything I’m supposed to do, but I like to give myself the best odds possible. In a perfect world, I would do a shake in the morning that has black raspberries and red grapes to start the day off right. Then I’d take the 45 vitamins a day I’m supposed to be taking. I’m lucky if I do the morning set. I’m still trying to figure out how to do it.


Jump in the pool and swim for 40 minutes, and I swear you’ll get an amazing workout and feel so good. When I tell friends and clients to try it, they usually say they don’t know how, but that doesn't matter! I’m not a good swimmer either, so I swim with a snorkel. Some may call that cheating, but it gets me in the pool.
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fraxel laser treatment

I just did a Fraxel at Dr. Brandt’s. It’s a laser treatment that evens out your skin tone, lightens and brightens and builds collagen. I was so nervous, but it was really easy. I saw Dr. Anolik who was great. He got rid of all my brown spots. It was so easy that I’m booking it once a month.
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sally hershberger supreme lift

Everyone with fine hair wants to give it body, so they add mousse and gel and all these products, but I find that using just a small amount of the right product is the way to go. Sally Hershberger root lift is like a miracle. You need very little and only on the roots. I used to do one thing on the root, another ton my ends etcetera. My hair felt like cotton candy. So I think it’s about finding minimum.
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romantic getaway

I do love St. Barts. It's one of my favorite places on the planet, but for a real romantic getaway, like a honeymoon, I'd go far to the Maldives. Or maybe do Europe first (you can never go wrong with Italy), then continue on to the Maldives.
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