My beach essentials: Aria Deshe

The South Beach-ready tote of a Miami gallerist.

Aria Deshe is endlessly inspired by her surroundings. As the assistant gallery director at the Zadok Gallery in Miami, she works among brilliant pieces of contemporary art. When off the clock, South Beach, with its unique energy and rich culture, is at her feet. "There's nowhere else like it," she says of her hometown shore, "It's in the U.S. but so not American. I love going with a bunch of girlfriends and bringing lots of champagne." Here, what else you'll find beside her in the South Beach sun:

carlos falchi tote

"My Carlos Falchi tote is light and can fit anything."
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"Easy to take on and off, waterproof and they don't get hot: The perfect beach shoe."
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ray-ban aviators

"It's Miami, the sun is always shining! These are my go-to. They just fit me."
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c.o. bigelow mentha lip balm and clarins sunscreen

"The sun is stronger than you think down here, you always have to stay protected."
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"I bring Vanity Fair, Vogue, and People. The beach is a great place to catch up on all my style reading."

vita coco + water

"Staying hydrated is essential to not ruining your night."
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"So refreshing and hydrating!"