Here Comes the Sun

Winnie Beattie, owner of new Manhattan boutique Warm, shares her musts for a stylish summer.

Catch Winnie Beattie at one of her go-to surf spots — Ditch Plains and the trailer park beach in Montauk; Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica — and you'll see what she describes as her "natural and completely unthought" beach style (it goes without saying that said style is also exceptionally chic). She walked us through her summer essentials, most of which you'll find at her Nolita boutique Warm:

tori praver bikinis

"Tori Praver is a surfer girl from Hawaii and a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, so she gets women’s bodies and understands that a bathing suit needs to stay put. Her suits are super comfy and cut really well. Also, there's no elastic, which is what digs and can give you that overhang, even if you’re fit."

monoi tipanie oil

"Instead of lotion, after the sun I use this Tahitian oil which I grew up with in Hawaii. It’s the yummiest, most insane thing on your legs in the summer."

manon von gerkan silver feather earrings

"To me these are a way of adding a little bit of fashion to the beach, but in a way that’s really natural. They're kind of hippie and inspired by nature."

coppertone sunscreen

"I don't do the fancy, gazillion dollar stuff — just good old-fashioned Coppertone. I love the smell, I love the packaging. I use their sport one, or I’ll use their kids one because I think it’s stronger."

caravana montaecristo jute wraps

"These hand-loomed jute wraps are from the woman who owns the Coqui Coqui Hotel in Tulum. The texture is crazy and the color from the vegetable dye is amazing. They’re just super special."

spring & clifton + the reformation baha

"These vintage recycled bahas are really cool and really soft and cozy. I think they can be literal beach or not at all. Today my friend is wearing one with leather sleeves over an Isabel Marant something. It’s all how you style them."

apothia bronzed candle by ron robinson

"This is a great gift if you're going to someone's beach house. It has orange flower, bergamot and jasmine and it just smells like summertime to me."

locals flip flops

"In Hawaii, we get these in the grocery or hardware store so it's just nostalgic for me to have them. I love the reggae ones, they make me happy."

beach jams

"We drive our almost 20-year-old Land Rover Defender to the beach with the roof off and my two boys freak out, they love it. It's all about rock 'n' roll and wind in their hair."
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patagonia wetsuit

"They’re made incredibly well, they fit well and they’re super warm. I also love the whole DNA of that company."

warm fragrance

"We wanted our fragrance to smell like clean skin with sun on it, and then I realized that I love how someone smells after a day at the beach: A bit dirty and earthy. So it became a fragrance oil that captures the smell of sunkissed skin mixed with some salt, sweat, grit and a little patchouli."

aviator nation corduroy cutoffs

"Easy, casual and they come in great colors. They also remind me of my Okies from when I was a kid. If you wear them low they’re kind of like boy shorts."
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