Diary of a nutritionist

Keri Glassman, RD, reveals the eating habits of an expert.

It's a beautiful experience to watch a pro do her thing. An athlete in the zone, a rockstar jamming out, a nutritionist, um, eating perfect proportions of the healthiest foods on earth. But seriously: Whatdo they eat? How do they satisfy cravings? Is there ever a rogue handful of...anything? We asked Keri Glassman, nationally recognized nutrition expert, founder of the NYC nutrition practice Nutritious Life, and Q contributor to share two days' worth of meals. Pull up a chair and let her show you how it's done.

Day 1

"I always wake up hungry, and I try to eat within a half-hour of getting up. I have coffee with almond milk (a great low-cal dairy substitute that’s fortified with calcium) and 2 tsp. coconut butter on a Ryvita cracker. Coconut butter is one of my fave superfoods, since its high in MCT’s, a type of saturated fat that’s great for you and may even help your metabolism."

"I have a breakfast meeting at Le Pain with an editor about my new book. I order a soft-boiled egg with four mini slices of whole wheat bread and another coffee, this time with steamed soy milk."

"I’m on the phone with the producer at 'Access Hollywood Live' and snack on 10 raw almonds and mint tea while I’m working. Almonds are naturally high in Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and potassium — they’re one of my go-to snacks."

"I love that lots of salad places have kale now! For lunch, I get a salad with chopped kale, mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, tuna and parmesan cheese. Oil and vinegar for the dressing."

"By this time, I’m starving and I’m low on snack supplies in the office, so I grab a packet of Three Sisters oatmeal that has quinoa and flaxseeds in it. I wouldn’t normally do oatmeal in the afternoon, but in this case it was there and hit the spot perfectly."

"All of the registered dieticians in my office meet every other week for a couple of hours. While chatting, we eat snack-sized bags of Beanitos, which were sent to the office, and sip green tea, which I recommend to all my clients because it’s really loaded with antioxidants."

"Prepare turkey meatballs for the kids. I made them ahead of time and froze them in individual portions. It’s super simple: ground turkey, herbs and spices (whatever I happen to have fresh around), Omega-3-fortified egg and a tiny bit of wheat germ/ground flaxseed mix. We also have romaine salad just the way my son, Rex, likes it: chopped romaine with olive oil, that’s it!"

"I was sitting with the kids while they ate and picked at their food, which I probably shouldn’t have (oops!), since I have dinner plans at Luke’s on the Upper East Side. I order grilled salmon with sautéed bok choy, mint tea and a tequila with three limes. I’ve also probably had about six glasses of water with lemon throughout the day."

Day 2

"I’m going on the 'Today' show and have water with lemon and a handful of almonds. It wasn’t quite enough food, I normally try to have breakfast before an appearance."

"Sitting in the green room, I have coffee with skim milk and one cheese stick."

"On the way into the office, I stop at a diner and grab an omelet with one yolk and three whites, a small amount of feta, broccoli and tomato slices."

"I snack on Yogi Mayan Cocoa Spice tea in office with a small piece of Green & Black's Espresso dark chocolate. (I know, it’s only 11 and I am already having chocolate?!!?!?)"

"I have a tofu spinach salad for lunch at Josie's with a friend."

"I jump in a taxi on my way to tape a segment for the web. On the way, I eat snacks from the office: an orange from Harry and David’s and green tea in my favorite Aladdin tea bottle."

"I make dinner of sauteed mushrooms (a big go-to side dish in my home!), Rex’s favorite chopped romaine salad with olive oil and avocado, Bison steak, baked beet chips and a few pieces of steamed cauliflower, which is my daughter Maizy’s veggie of choice."

"I squeeze in a super-quick weight workout."

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