Week 3: movement pairs

Step away from the weight stack. Our experts share more ways to team up movements to tighten and tone.

Welcome to the third installment of our balanced body series featuring pairs of seemingly contradictory movement patterns. When used together, these groupings have the power to help you sculpt a body that both looks and actually is, completely balanced.

The first set: stability/mobility. “Mobility and stability must work hand in hand in order for the body to function properly, but sometimes joints can end up being too stable and rigid or too mobile and weak,” says Lisa Wheeler, senior creative manager for group fitness who co-designed these moves with her counterpart Lashaun Dale, “You want to strike a perfect balance so the body can move more efficiently and without injury, which is why I think it’s always important to counteract a primarily stabilizing movement with a mobile one.” The pairing in the slideshow above focuses on stabilizing the scapula and core and mobilizing the spine.

The second pairing is flying/grounding. "The grounding rooting and flying liberating movements trains the body to defy gravity in very specific and challenging ways," says Dale, "In order to create force production in the first move, the knee drive, the body needs to create tremendous stability and force in the shoulder girdle in order to pull the knees high. The energy required to execute the motions in the lat swing requires even more effort and skill generated from internal strength."

Click through the slideshow above to see west coast Equinox trainer Joel Marcel Davis model the workout. Do 3 sets of the indicated reps alternating moves in each pair. Come back next Monday for your final exercises.

If you’re just tuning in, check out week 1 and week 2 for more perfect pairings.

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  • Stability/Mobility: Reverse Plank

    Stability/Mobility: Reverse Plank

    Sit on ground with legs extended in front of you, feet flexed, resting on elbows, hands in fists. Lift hips off ground so body forms one straight line, abs engaged. Hold for 30 seconds.
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  • Stability/Mobility: Spine Roll A

    Stability/Mobility: Spine Roll A

    Start standing with feet hip-width apart, arms extended overheard, on balls of feet (as shown).
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  • Stability/Mobility: Spine Roll B

    Stability/Mobility: Spine Roll B

    In one fluid motion, bend knees and sit on ground rolling onto back until knees are overhead using arms to help you if needed (as shown). Roll back up to starting position. Repeat for 30 seconds.
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  • Flying/Grounding: Knee Drive

    Flying/Grounding: Knee Drive

    Stand with arms extended in front of you, pressing onto pole or wall, right leg lifted, knee bent 90 degrees, right thigh parallel to ground, foot flexed (as shown). Exhale as you switch feet, hopping onto right foot and driving left knee up to 90 degrees. Alternate legs for 30 seconds without pausing. 

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  • Flying/Grounding: Lat Pull

    Flying/Grounding: Lat Pull

    Hang from rings or bar, then use momentum to bring right elbow to touch right knee (as shown). Repeat on opposite side. Swing back and forth alternating sides for 30 seconds, then release. 

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