Ode to the sweatband

History proves that sporting fabric on your forehead and wrists is as much fashion as it is function.

Worn for sport or for swag, sopping up perspiration or simply making a statement, sweatbands have an uncanny knack for drawing attention, as these blast-from-the-past moments so brilliantly illustrate. Have they had their ridiculous moments? Of course. But we love them because for better or worse, they're ours. A little terry cloth love letter from the fitness community to the world. So on that note, you're welcome. Or, rather, don't sweat it.

1980 - john mcenroe and bjorn borg

1981 - olivia newton-john

1984 - the karate kid

1984 - bruce springsteen

1986 - bret michaels

1996 - allen iverson

2001- the royal tenenbaums

2003 - avril lavigne

2011 - serena williams

2012 - nicole richie

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