Oatmeal gone wild

Reinvent the morning basic with 27 surprising gourmet add-ins.

Same old oats? No longer. Make your morning meal memorable by stirring unexpected — and health-boosting — superfoods into your bowl. "Oatmeal is my secret to staying sexy and lean," says Pretty Deliciousauthor Candice Kumai, surfer girl-turned-model-turned-Top Chef contestant (and Stiletto Chef blogger), who eats them almost every morning. "Not only are oats full of filling fiber, they contain cholesterol-fighting properties, protein, iron and a whole other lineup of benefits."

Hungry? Try Kumai's simple, surprising recipes below. Start with one cup of rolled oats cooked in water, then add...

2 tbsp. dark chocolate + cherries + coconut

“Chocolate and cherries are a match made in flavor heaven — and full of antioxidants too.”

2 tbsp. almond butter + 1 tbsp. raspberry jam + sprinkle of granola

“This is a perfect combination for someone looking to boost their immunity and get a protein lift in the AM.”

¼ c. canned pumpkin + ginger + 1 crumbled graham cracker + agave

“This treat on a cold morning will warm your heart and soul. Pumpkin packs vitamin A to keep your pretty eyes sharp.”

1/4 c. organic apple sauce + 2 tbsp. brown sugar + cinnamon + nutmeg

“This bowl brings back childhood memories of sweet apple pie.”

1/4 c. peaches + 2 tbsp. greek yogurt + nutmeg + walnuts

“This reminds me of my favorite dessert: peaches and cream. Think of it as a healthy version of peach cobbler. It makes you feel a little naughty when you're actually being really good!”

2 tbsp. peanut butter + 1 tbsp. honey + 2 tbsp. dark chocolate chips

"Add a sliced banana for potassium and power through the day.”

poached egg + touch of gruyere cheese + touch of hot sauce

“This is a perfect morning bite with a twist: warm, decadent, savory — with a kick!”

roasted asparagus + pancetta + crumble of bleu cheese

“This really gives you a different perspective on oats. They aren't just for breakfast anymore! This is a delicious, savory way to get your breakfast or lunch on.