In the studio: Briohny Smyth

The Equinox instructor (and internet sensation) narrates her personal body-bending, back-opening flow.

In "The Contortionist," Briohny Smyth mesmerized legions of yogis and non-yogis alike with her athletic, arm-balance-focused flow. Here, she returns with a back-opening practice, explaining her philosophy and approach to each pose in her own words.

"Backbends are always misunderstood in yoga, and many yogis end up injured due to the misconception that we backbend solely in our low back, when you really want to think about creating space in the low back," says Smyth, "In my classes, I teach awareness around 'heart opening' so more yogis are aware of how to backbend safely."

If Smyth's practice inspires you to get into the studio yourself, LA-based members are invited to an exclusive special event series: "Two Hearts, One Practice." Taught by Smyth and her equally talented fiance, Dice Iida Klein, the six-week series takes place at Equinox West LA on Thursdays from February 16 through March 15 at 6:00pm. Spots are first-come, first-serve.