The ozone detox

Breathe easier with an Environmental Medicine doctor's simple home makeover tips.

Grandiose new year promises will get you nowhere fast. In true anti-resolution spirit, we asked our Q Advisory Board members to divulge the one simple health habit they swear by. Next up: Dr. Jeffrey Morrison, an Environmental Medicine specialist and author of Cleanse Your Body Clear Your Mind. Here's what the renowned MD had to say:

In 2011, the American Lung Association rated urban centers (and Equinox cities) Dallas, New York City, Washington D.C and Los Angeles in the top 25 most unhealthy regions in the United States, affected by year-round particle pollution and Ozone. Unfortunately we can't always control the toxins we expose our bodies to throughout the day when we're out and about, but we do have a say in what we breathe in at home. To ensure that you're inhaling the best air possible, I highly recommend that everyone have a few indoor plants and an air purifier.

Plants are my "all-day long" air filtration system. When we have plants in our home, sure we’re taking care of them, but they’re also taking care of us. They’re natural air filters, and they give off fresh oxygen. I'd recommend getting one with broad leaves, like peace lily, or a rubber plant or a snake plant. The broader leaf has more surface area to help naturally pull toxins into the soil.

I have yet to try the ANDREA Purifier (pictured above), which enhances the filtration properties of plants, but it's a great idea, and I can't wait to get one or two for my office. I also use a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) in my bedroom. Bedrooms are notorious for having lots of allergens like dust, dust mites and mold. The air purifier helps to significantly diminish these. It also becomes white noise in the background, and it drowns out the city streets just like listening to a sound machine. It's comforting to know that for at least 6-8 hours you can ensure you're getting clean air.

Stay tuned for more healthy habits next Monday. And don't miss a nutrient biologist's fasting advice, a doctor's diet secret, an anatomist's morning wake-up ritual or a pro's training secret.

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