Miami's top DJ Unzipped

DJ Irie shows us his workout essentials.

As the official spin doctor for the Heat and entertainer of choice for celebs like Robert Downey, Jr. and Jamie Foxx, DJ Irie has been called the city of Miami's unofficial house DJ. When he's home, the nightlife king rouses himself early to cross train every morning, and when he's on the road he turns hotel rooms into impromptu gyms. ("I try to get in at least 100 burpees, 200 push-ups, another 100 sit-ups and, depending on where I am, 100 pull-ups as well," he says.) During Art Basel Miami, we rummaged through the jovial mix master's workout bag.

nike gym bag

"I kind of get a lot of schwag, so to be honest I usually just bring a Verizon duffel bag that somebody gave me. But I switch it out with this one, which has all kinds of pockets for my phone, wallet and water bottle."
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ipod (obviously)

"Know what my anthem is right now? LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It." If you haven't heard it yet, download it right now and you'll laugh. That’s my workout track."
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black t-shirt

"You'll pretty much catch me wearing the same shirt any day, since I have about ten of them. They're just plain tees and I cut off the sleeves."
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miami heat headband

"I wear a headband because it gets convenient when you’re sweating a lot. I also carry a towel around with me — it's actually a battle rag they gave out at Florida International University."
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under armour shorts

"What I like about these shorts is that they're a little bit shorter than most basketball shorts, which is more comfortable when I'm stretching."
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nathan stainless steel water bottle

"It has a little snap thing at the top so you don’t have to wrestle with it at all; you just press a button and it snaps right open. You can totally operate with one hand, super easy."
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nike bowerman series pegasus 27's

"I'm a creature of habit, so I have a gazillion pairs of these. When I'm running, jumping rope or using the machines, the comfort factor stays consistent all the way through."