Pillow talk

Anita Sarsidi, design director at <em>Elle Decor</em>, picks the best bedding on the market.

Frilly bedskirts and mountains of throw pillows have no business in the bedroom. We turned to Anita Sarsidi, Elle Decor's venerable design director, for tips on creating the most comfortable, contemporary sleeping space possible. "Honestly I think what makes a good, comfy bed is a tight bottom sheet, a nice top sheet and something not too heavy on top — whether it’s a nice duvet or a nice blanket," says Sarsidi. "I don’t think it takes too many layers and shouldn’t be too complicated." Here, her top picks for the best bedding ever.

calvin klein white linen sheets

For a truly modern bed, Sarsidi recommends layering subtle prints and textures — and these calming whites make the perfect starting canvas. “I like my bedding clean and simple, and they’re this very pure white,” she says.
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hästens bed

Made from horsehair, cotton, flax and wool, these Swedish-made mattresses are the cream of the crop. “All you have to do is put nice linens on them, and that’s it,” says Sarsidi. “You spend, what, a third of your life in bed? So it's worth the extra effort.”
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pendleton blankets

For photo shoots, Sarsidi rarely uses duvet covers — since they tend to have a mushroom effect. Instead, she tucks blankets in neatly around a mattress and layers more on top for aesthetic effect. "I think the colors on Pendleton blankets are great," she says, "plus they're thick like military blankets and would really keep you warm."
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john robshaw linens

"Normally I'm not a print person, but for John I'll allow it," says Sarsidi. Robshaw's India-inspired textiles are "happy, joyful and so casual in a chic way," she says.
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pratesi cashmere quilted blanket

This century-old Italian company's sheets and blankets are the last word in bedding luxury, says Sarsidi. She pictures this cashmere beauty tossed casually across a bed: “It costs a fortune, but it's divine,” she says.
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