Video: The gentleman's shave

In today's video, Virgil (who's a menswear designer on the side) demonstrates an old-school straight razor shave in the spa's apothecary-esque setting and explains how to get similarly effective results at home. Find out why drugstore shaving cream is too drying (Virgil uses this one), why determining the direction of your hair growth makes a world of difference, how long the whole process should take and how to banish razor burn once and for all.

Whether you're a shaving novice, a lifelong pro or just trying to stretch Movember into December, watch the video above to brush up on technique.

For the products Virgil uses, go to Kiehls.com or The Shop at Equinox. Spa 1851 is located at 157 East 64th Street, NY, NY. For appointments, call 1-888-772-1851 or book online at Kiehls.com/spa1851.