Vegan ... ish

Kathy Freston's top 6 ways to eat more plants already.

Kathy Freston is vegan, but forgivingly so. The bestselling author (whose most recent book, Veganist: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change the World, inspired Oprah Winfrey and her staff to take a one-week vegan challenge) encourages people to “lean into” the lifestyle by slowly replacing meat and dairy products with plant-based foods.

We like her style, so we asked the Los Angeles-based Freston to share her top vegan-friendly recipe resources.

the conscious cook

"This one is superb for people who really love to cook, and who appreciate fine food. Tal Ronnen is classically trained and everything in this book is divine (which is why I wrote the Foreward for it)."
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"With 15,000 recipes all rated by users, this app and website is a huge resource for anyone who wants to veganize his/her favorite dishes. You can find anything here, and get all sorts of ideas for what to make."
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forks over knives: the plant-based way to health

"It has the support of some of the best doctors in the country: T. Colin Campbell of Cornell University and Caldwell Esselstyn of The Cleveland Clinic, among many others. The recipes are designed to help the reader prevent and reverse major illnesses like cancer, diabetes and heart disease."
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how to cook everything vegetarian: simple meatless recipes for great food

"My friend (and New York Times columnist) Mark Bittman is known for his super-easy minimalist recipes. No fuss, no attitude. And even though his columns regularly feature meat or dairy, he recommends being vegan throughout the day until 6pm, so this book is an excellent bridge between the carnivorous and plant-based worlds."
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vegan on the cheap

"Food columnist and cookbook author Robin Robertson is terrific because she features really simple, delicious meals for cheap. Good food should not be expensive, and Robin has made that abundantly clear."
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“It’s a website that helps you find vegan food in your neighborhood; you just log in with your zip code and you can find a nearby restaurant that will serve you something healthy and delish!”
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