Diary of a fitness model

Three days of go-sees, meals, workouts and photo shoots.

Smiling pretty is one thing, but smiling pretty while you hoist 10-pound dumbbells into a biceps curl with an overhead press with a single leg squat — oh, and holding it until the photographer gets it right — is another. Ford Model Kim Strother works hard to have a body that not only looks good, but functions like a well-oiled machine. We asked her to log three days in her life:


"Shoot day. The alarm goes off and I head to the kitchen for my usual breakfast: granola with almond milk and a cup of green tea. I go through some basic yoga poses at home to wake up my body before heading to what is essentially an 8-hour workout."

"I arrive to set and before heading to hair and makeup, I stop by the catering table for some scrambled eggs and fruit. It will be nice to have a little extra protein, but mostly it just looked damn good."

"The magazine editor runs though the 6 moves I'll be demonstrating. Though they may not seem like much now, every exercise is shot in parts so I'll be holding the down phase of that push-up as the stylist runs into frame to straighten my ponytail while her assistant tugs on my shorts. Then the photographer shoots it until I can't hold it with a smile anymore. I take this as a personal challenge."

"We break for lunch. I choose salad, shrimp and grilled vegetables. I don't eat meat, and usually steer clear of dairy, so I try to get my protein from fish. Then back to work."

"It's a wrap. I head home to wash my make-up off and snack on an apple with peanut butter before heading to yoga class from 6:30-8. Not only does it help me stay long and lean, but it preserves my sanity!"

"I call in a delivery order of steamed shrimp with mixed vegetables and brown rice, a typical meal choice for me since I try to keep my body muscular but not too bulky."


"I'm often shooting on only one side, so it's really important for me to have a strong core and keep my body balanced in my own workouts. I hit the gym first thing for a 60-minute session using unstable surfaces like a BOSU and DynaDisc to challenge my balance."

"I have a casting, which turns out to be just close-up pictures of my stomach. (I purposely waited to get lunch until after — and if I get the job, it'll mean no carbs the night before.)"

"I devour a mayo-less tuna whole wheat wrap with lettuce, tomato and sprouts."

"I try and walk everywhere, so I set out early for another casting. For this one, I have to run on a treadmill while the editor scrutinizes my form."

"On the way home, I treat myself to a small Pinkberry (chocolate and pomegranate with strawberries, my favorite)."

"After another yoga class, dinner is salad with extra carrot ginger dressing, 2 pieces of salmon sashimi with brown rice, 1 salmon avocado roll and 1 yellowtail roll. (Did I mention I don't cook?)"


"My day off! I have eggs benedict, but I substitute the bacon for avocado and today I will have the side of potatoes. I will also have black tea as opposed to my regular green (getting crazy, I know)."

"I sneak in a quick 30-minute jog outside with my dog, Moose, then have a salad for lunch."

"Sundays are for catching up, so I run a few errands around my neighborhood. When I'm out and about, I always take the stairs — and try to skip every other one."

"It's still my cheat day, so I pick Italian for date night. Pasta awaits. (Smile)."

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