Unzipped: Alejandro Ingelmo

The Soho-based shoe designer unpacks his gym bag.

For Alejandro Ingelmo, the devil is truly in the details. Whether it’s the swoop of a sole on his meticulously crafted, sky-high pumps or the satisfying glide of a quality zipper pull, he’s obsessive about function. So it stands to reason that the Cuban designer, who does cardio intervals and free weights five times a week and recently took up Pilates (“it sounds girly, but it’s really hard,” he says), would be particularly particular about the items that get him through a workout.

customized jersey

"You can personalize these, so I got one for me and another one for Courtney, my right-hand woman (she's number "2"). I'm kind of obsessed. Good thing we're such a small business."
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tron bag by alejandro ingelmo

"This is the first bag I've designed. It’s got substantial hardware and good leather. In the city we're so busy, so it's something that you can take with you at night and not feel like you have a gym bag."
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ipad and nike+ app

"I’m not the kind of person who does email at the gym, but I use the app to program all my workouts."
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new balance 890

"Give me just a good, simple shoe. I feel like New Balance is a company that's stuck to what they’re about."
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protein shake

"I have a lot of things going on today, and I didn’t have time for a meal. Not everybody likes strawberry, but I do."
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thorlos socks

"I get really excited to talk about them. They're padded, but not, like, that cheapy pad stuff. You’re not messing around with these."
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powerbeats headphones

"Fitness is my therapy. At the end of the day, you put headphones on and you push yourself. I love that."
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lululemon shorts

"A friend of mine got me into these. I was like 'hold on one minute,' but I bought one pair – amazing. They dry really easily, which is really important. It’s the little things."
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