The Cleanse Movement

The Cleanse Movement

For high-performers, the start of a new year inspires the opportunity to cleanse mental and physical buildup from the past, and focus on constructive ways to achieve your fitness goals. Furthermore has partnered with science-based haircare company Living Proof to celebrate the launch of their Perfect hair Day™ Triple Detox Shampoo, which removes buildup from your hair and scalp (from product, hard water, and pollution). Together, we present The Cleanse Movement, featuring actionable, inspiring ways to cleanse your fitness mindset and routine, and unlock your true potential.

Cleanse your fitness form

Cleanse Your Fitness


Detox your Scalp and Hair

Detox Your

Scalp and Hair

Here's How
Cleanse your Excerise Mindset

Cleanse Your Exercise


Get the benefits
Spray your hair clean

Spray Your Hair


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Cleanse your workout habits

Cleanse Your Workout


Assess Yourself
Do the Movement Cleanse workout

Do the Movement Cleanse


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