Q&A: Kaitlin Olson

What's it like when you actually visit Philadelphia?

It is always really special. People are so appreciative of the representation. The last time Rob [McElhenney, her husband and co-star] and I were there, he posted an Instagram story while we were walking around. Within five minutes, people were running up to us from every direction saying they saw his story, recognized the general area we were , and left work to wander around and find us. Just left work in the middle of the day to go on a wild goose chase. These people are nuts.

How has TV changed since Always Sunny started in 2005?

One big thing I've noticed is that when we started our show, there was a lot of pressure for characters to be likable. They could be flawed, but especially on network TV, they needed to be likable. We went the opposite route. Now you see that everywhere.

Can you talk about Quibi?

To be honest, when the Quibi project was presented to me, there was not a single downside. I was already looking to play a character completely different from Dee. Working with Will Forte is a dream and the idea of helping to launch an entirely new platform was exciting. We shot the whole series like a movie. It was written like a movie with the awareness that every six to ten minutes there needed to be some sort of act break/stopping place which is how it will be released as individual episodes.

This Cricket character was fun for me because it's been a while since I've been able to play someone sweet. Unlike Mickey [her role on Fox's The Mick] or Dee, she's incredibly optimistic and driven.

What's your wellness regimen?

I live with a man who needs to work out hard at least six days a week or he'll explode. Lately I've been working out twice a week. [I do] yoga once during the week and a weights circuit with Rob in our gym on the weekend. I love cooking and I like to find creative ways to make food healthy and delicious. When my kids love my dinners I feel like Super Woman. We eat a lot of vegetables, plant-based foods, whole grains, and seafood. Not much is processed and we're pretty dairy-free. Then every once in a while we go to Shake Shack.