Prevent wrinkles without Botox

Expert insight:

Wrinkles and sagging are both caused by a lack of collagen, says Liz Bartucci, The Spa manager at Greenwich Avenue in New York City. People who exercise and eat well already have an upper hand, since those habits encourage your body to make more collagen—even after age 25, when production typically slows.

Injections prevent both signs of aging by paralyzing the facial muscles. Non-invasive therapies like facials, on the other hand, address the root of the problem by increasing collagen and elastin presence in the body.

The bottom line:

For Botox benefits without the needles, Bartucci recommends scheduling a regenerative facial every four weeks. If you stay consistent, this will keep your skin looking healthy and young over time.

“Great skin, much like fitness, is achieved through gradual progress, not quick fixes,” Bartucci says.

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