Q&A: celebrity hairstylist Ashley Streicher

What are your favorite red carpet looks you've done?

It’s really tough to say anything I’ve done is my favorite, as I feel there are always ways of improving every look—the woes of being an artist! But, I would say Mandy Moore’s most recent Emmy’s look. I just felt this one was extra special and we got to go bigger (literally) because she was nominated.

How do you decompress?

It definitely helps to have a little alone time. My job is very social and includes a lot of Instagram posting, brand collaborations, and interviews. So I find that just coming home to my treetop house in Laurel Canyon and being off my phone or computer, either sitting and reading, listening to music, or taking a bath, is the perfect way for me to decompress.

What does your diet look like?

I eat what I crave, in moderation of course. I find dieting really messes with your system and, in turn, can whack out your weight. I think, especially for women, it's important to be aware of your hormones, since everything we do can affect them. I get my blood tested regularly, and that shows me what I need more of in my diet, and what I could potentially use less of. I’ve also found that intermittent fasting has helped level out my hormones.

What's your workout routine?

I try to do Pilates whenever I can. I also do deep tissue massage and sports acupuncture. I need to move my body every day, so I usually like to get outside and hike. I find that being secluded in a beautiful place while moving your body is the best form of meditation and well-being.

Post-workout, what’s your hair routine?

I have a short bob, so I usually just let it go during a workout. If I’m getting really sweaty, I’ll wear it back. But immediately after I’m done I will let it down, not mess with it at all, and let it dry naturally.

Working out with your hair down is a polarizing topic. Can you talk more about it?

I have very strong opinions on this! The sweat can actually give you great texture and piecey-ness, as long as you don’t blow dry it or touch it too much. Long hair can be put up, but then I recommend letting it down right after.

What about washing your hair post-workout?

Stop washing your hair every day just because you sweat. I tell all my clients, your sweat is the best natural salt spray. It’s not greasy, it’s the opposite. My clients who wash their hair every day battle dryness and overly oily scalps. It’s important to find your balance and not strip your hair of its natural oils.

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