How NFL players spend the off-season

Malcolm Jenkins, safety for the Philadelphia Eagles

“I take very little time off from training. In late February, I’ll start to get active so I can go full speed in July.

I have a full plate with my business and philanthropic work as well. For my production company, Listen Up Media, we’re looking for different stories to tell that deal with equality and entering film festivals like SXSW to showcase our new work.

This year, I’m going back to Ghana for the third time, which is such an important place historically as a large percentage of the slave trade came to America through Ghana. Then I’ll take my kids to Egypt because I’ve never been. I want to see the pyramids."

Marlon Humphrey, cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens

“I'm home in Birmingham, Alabama for most of the off-season and stay in shape by coaching hurdles at my old high school. A lot of the time I have to demonstrate drills, so I try to stay flexible and always make sure I warm up fully.

I take an international trip right before training camp every year. This year, I am considering China or Japan. Last year, I went on a spontaneous vacation with my 21-year-old sister to Iceland, Paris, Amsterdam, Pamplona, and Rome.  

I recently stayed in New York at the Equinox Hotel. I could have stayed in the hotel all day just working out, doing recovery, and getting massages. They had a roller in the room for stretching and a pamphlet that maps out your whole morning. It’s perfect for athletes.” 

Brothers Devin McCourty, safety, and Jason McCourty, cornerback for the New England Patriots

Jason: “The off-season is always busy with work for our initiative, Tackle Sickle Cell. We have a blood drive, a 5K, and a Casino Night coming up to raise funds for research. I'm recovering from groin surgery and allowing my body to get healthy, then I’ll start training again. 

All of our vacations are together. We’re going on a Disney cruise with our wives and all of the kids at the end of February. We’re also going to the Grand Caymans for a getaway, and will take the entire family to San Diego for Pro Athletes Outreach. I like active trips and visiting new places."

Devin: “Usually right after the Super Bowl, I start training again to get my body moving and feeling good. But since we ended earlier this year, I’ll start working on it sooner.

We are all about having fun on vacations, I don't need rest! I want to go to Africa but I will wait until my kids are older."

Corey Peters, nose tackle for the Arizona Cardinals

“When I’m home in Phoenix, I host a book club at the high school and volunteer with an elementary school, reading and talking to the kids about the importance of literacy.

My wife, Genna, and I flew to Miami two days after the season ended and got a condo on the beach to ring in the new year. Then we went to Nassau in the Bahamas and stayed for a week with friends. I got beach time, read a book, relaxed, unwound, and was able to recover. It is important to decompress with my wife and talk with her about how I felt the season went, and about where we can be stronger together.

I’ll swim in the ocean to make sure I’m moving around as opposed to doing a more organized workout. It is important to let your body heal. I am older now (31), so I don’t bounce back the way I used to.

We also try to take a big vacation every year for two to three weeks. I’m trying to put together a trip to Asia since I’d like to go to Tokyo.”

Trent Brown, offensive tackle for the Oakland Raiders

“I worked with an offensive lineman specialist in Dallas called Duke Manyweather at the beginning of the off-season and will be back for there for another six weeks before training camp starts in July.

The first two weeks of the off-season I had my son, one, and daughter, two, staying with me in Bastrop, Texas. They grow so fast at that age and being able to spend quality time with them is something I don’t really get to do in the regular season. I’m also looking for somewhere to live in Las Vegas as the team is moving there.

My mom and I have been planning a Baptist church tour to Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Georgia. I’m used to road trips with my mom since my whole childhood was spent in the car with my family, traveling to my sports events."