My favorite sneakers


The expert: David Silk, Precision Run creator and instructor in Los Angeles

The sneaker: OnRunning Cloudflow

The details: "These have the sleek, sophisticated-yet-cool vibe you would expect from something Swiss-engineered. They’re just the right weight, cushion, and spring for what I like in a running shoe, and it doesn’t hurt that they look pretty smart. I’ve been lucky enough to chat with the founders, and knowing that their company was started by people with an authentic heart for improving the runner’s experience speaks to me.”

The styling: "As runners, we deserve to be inspired by the way our clothes look as much as how they function. I often wear my On shoes when I coach, along with Precision Run performance wear mixed with pieces from Rhone, Nike, and Patagonia."


The expert: Jonathan Carlucci, cycling instructor and manager of group fitness development in New York City

The shoe: TIEM Slipstream

The details: “These are technically a women’s shoe, but I like them for teaching because they give me fully-recessed clips. That means I can hop off the bike and easily maneuver the studio without walking like a duck. I can also get a quick lift in, before or after riding, without changing my shoes.”

The styling: “I normally pair them with either Rhone or Lululemon athletic shorts, a tank top, and mid-calf or tube socks, because what’s old is new again.”

Dance cardio

The expert: Sydney Benner, group fitness instructor in Los Angeles who teaches classes including Choreo Cult

The shoe: Nike Air Huarache

The details: “I just recently started wearing Nike Huaraches and I feel so supported in them. I wear them to teach my fitness program, FLIGHT (regionally launched in Los Angeles with Equinox in spring 2019) and for the brand-new Choreo Cult class.”

The styling: “I love fitness fashion, so I go loud with patterns and colors. I have [the shoes] in all red and get so many compliments on them. I usually wear them with high-waisted Spandex pants—my favorites are Koral, which you can find in The Shop.”

Weight training

The expert: Kristin Osbon, group fitness instructor in Southern California who teaches classes including MetCon3, Hard Core Conditioning, and Strength & Sweat

The shoe: Vivobarefoot Primus Lite

The details: “My Vivobarefoot minimalist shoes are perfect for strength-training because they are flexible, breathable, and designed to make you feel like you’re barefoot. Having the ability to feel the ground under your feet helps you lift properly and avoid injury by building balance and stability from the ground up.”

The styling: “Recently, I stopped wearing leggings because joggers let me move and stretch without feeling constricted. I like to pair the joggers with a crop top so I can see if my body placement is correct."


The expert: Mary Onyango, group fitness manager at Brooklyn Heights in New York City who teaches classes including The Cut and ROUNDS

The shoe: Reebok Fusium Run 2.0

The details: “When I came across these sneakers, it was love at first sight. While they are designed for running, I wear them for boxing and cross-training because the thinner soles allow for better contact with the floor. They also have great grip and support for multidirectional changes when I'm doing agility work.”

The styling: “When purchasing sneakers, I always consider function first. The Fusiums are stylish and comfortable and work well for both training and running around the city, so I purchased four pairs in two different colors: blush pink and black/camel. I like to wear them with Koral lustrous leggings and a layered sports bra/tank top, or Alo airbrush leggings and a tank or bra. All of these brands convert from gym wear to streetwear."