Every body needs Choreo Cult

A strong sense of community

“When we were workshopping the class, there was a point when we got a little choreographically dense,” Irace says, which made the process feel too rigid and calculated. To solve that problem, he and his team stripped the combinations down, relieving some of the performance pressure. “The magic happens when everyone in the studio is watching one another. They’re not looking at themselves thinking, ‘Am I doing this perfectly?’ Instead, they’re watching the whole group come alive as a community and thinking, ‘Look at what we’re creating together,’” Irace says. "This class brings back the joy of moving in unison to beautiful music."

360-degree strength

Choreo Cult frees your body from the constraints you’re faced with when running, cycling, or doing heavy lifts. The fluidity of dance forces you to move in every plane and in different positions than you do during traditional strength workouts. In turn, you’ll work every muscle group in new ways, McKillip says. The added variety will help you avoid plateaus in those other activities.

A creative outlet

While everyone learns the same combos from start to finish in each class, they're straightforward enough to allow for variations. “As the class progresses, you have the opportunity to add your own flavor so you don’t have to do exactly what the person next to you is doing,” McKillip says.

If your style is more hip-hop, your presentation will be unique from the flair added by someone with a background in jazz or cheerleading. In that sense, Choreo Cult celebrates individuality and togetherness at once.

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