The all-natural mattress

Why did you start the company?

It started accidentally while at my parents’ country house in Greece 30 years ago. I was with my then-girlfriend, and we slept on the beach on top of a two-meter bed of dry seaweed. It was surprisingly comfortable, so I was inspired to experiment with filling a mattress with seaweed. Eventually, I began supplementing other natural materials for further support, and today we use a combination of about 17 different materials.

Beyond the environmental benefits, why use all-natural materials?

You absorb the benefits of the natural filling throughout the night. Seaweed has iodine, which is passively absorbed as you breathe. Eucalyptus also contributes to respiratory health, while coconut fiber regulates humidity. Each component benefits the body in a specific way.

Are the mattress materials all from Greece?

The eucalyptus, cotton, linen, and wood all come from Greece. The seaweed literally comes out of the sea and is dried by the sun. Some of the materials, like the coconut fiber (coir) and natural rubber come from the tropics. As far as production is concerned, our footprint is close to zero, as everything is made by hand.

How can athletes benefit from sleeping on a Coco-Mat mattress?

Athletes need a mattress that mechanically supports their spine, but also provides a natural elasticity to encourage rest and recovery. Our multi-layer mattress systems do both and can be filled and rearranged in 48 different ways to accommodate any body type.

What's your fitness routine like?

I do a lot of outdoor activities like running and cycling. For the Move for Nature fundraising cycle/hike, I'll be using a Coco-Mat custom-made wooden bike and carrying it on my back to echo the strength and perseverance of the Ancient Greeks.

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