5 places to celebrate the Lunar New Year

Eat for prosperity at Nobu

January 11 to February 2

The Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia location of the Michelin-starred sushi restaurant created a special menu to celebrate the New Year. Enjoy a Prosperity Platter with salmon, yellowtail, and tuna sashimi, served with a vibrant assortment of vegetables like asparagus, radish, and red cabbage. Finish your meal with the “God of Wealth,” a dessert of white chocolate mousse and pineapple-yuzu curd.

Experience the Chingay Parade

January 31 to February 1

Said to be the largest parade in Asia, this Singapore celebration is the essential destination for anyone looking to experience the colorful, energetic spirit of the holiday. On the night of January 31, watch dragons, dancers, and acrobats flood the waterfront, culminating in a light show and fireworks display.

Celebrate the works of Chinese artists

February 3 to 23

After a successful opening last year, London's Chinese Arts Now Festival is back. The event spans theaters and venues across the city, honoring Chinese-British culture and performance. Watch standup comedian Nigel Ng, hear personal tales of immigration from poet Yu Yoyo, and see performances from some of the UK’s finest classical Chinese musicians.

Visit a dumpling food festival

February 9

Traditionally, dumplings are eaten at midnight to symbolize wealth and longevity for the new year. But the bite-sized staples also make plenty of appearances at other times throughout the celebrations. Try takes on shumai (traditional Chinese dumplings), har gow (Cantonese dumplings), xiaolongbao (soup dumplings), and more at Dumpling Down in San Francisco. Afterward, cleanse your palate with kumquat mimosas and a selection of Chinese beers.

48 hours in Milan

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