The post-waxing mistake

The expert insight:

Waxing pulls hairs from their follicles, which creates micro-wounds in the skin, says Kristanne Thompson, a licensed esthetician at The Spa at Equinox Greenwich Avenue in New York City. If you exercise in the hours after your appointment, your sweat can transfer bacteria from the skin into these lesions. Once that happens, you're at risk of developing pimples and folliculitis, in which the hair follicles become infected.

On top of that, the chafing and friction from the constant movement of exercise can lead to ingrown hairs during this time period, she adds.

The bottom line: 

Leave at least 24 hours (enough time for your skin to heal) between your wax and your next intense workout, Thompson says. If you exercise before then, stick to low-intensity activities that require minimal movement, like mobility work or restorative yoga.