Q&A: Black-ish's Marcus Scribner

What's your workout regimen like?

I’ve been working on building up my miles and mile times. So far I’ve been running for 15 minutes and doing two miles before going into some curls, side raises, and push-ups. For abs, I do mountain climbers, crunches, leg lifts, and plank crunches. I’ve been trying to work in more legs but squats and running on an incline are as much as I’m doing right now. I definitely need to up that because I currently have twigs for legs.

How would you describe your sense of style?

Most of the time I like to dress in a sort of streetwear vibe but I also love fashion and dressing up. I like to mix everything and don’t really stay in a particular lane.

As an Angeleno, what are your favorite things about the city?

In-N-Out is my favorite thing on the planet. The Westside is the best side. I love being able to do anything I want outside all year long. And most importantly, it’s where all of my loved ones reside so it will always be my favorite place on earth.

Can you talk about your humanitarian work?

I work with the National Foster Youth Institute to raise money and help to support foster youth on their path. We also advocate for reformation of the foster youth system. NFYI gives a voice and power to those who are made to feel powerless and unsupported. I’ve also written articles on the importance of the EPA and environmental awareness.

What's the dynamic on the set of Black-ish?

After working together for six years, we definitely feel like a family. We see each other on and off set often.

How does working on Black-ish compare to other projects?

It’s very different. I’ve learned Junior in and out so the character comes naturally, but it’s an amazing feeling when I get to go out there and explore and show people my range in other projects, whether in animation or movies.

What's it like growing up in the public eye and on a television show?

After having gone to public schools my whole life, it was challenging at first learning in a set classroom. It’s cool to have that documentation of growth on camera for memory's sake, but at the same time those are also sensitive growing years. Learning the industry and learning about myself was a difficult process but I get to do what I love to do as a career so I feel very lucky.