4 travel-friendly workouts for the holidays

The hip-opening routine

Time: 24 minutes

Equipment: socks and a smooth floor (such as wood or tile) for sliding 

By: David Case, group fitness instructor at Equinox Highland Park in Dallas

The flexibility and mobility routine

Time: 10 minutes 

Equipment: 1 heavy dumbbell

By: Kyle Suib, group fitness instructor at Equinox locations in Washington, D.C.

The equipment-free routine

Time: 20 minutes 

Equipment: none 

By: Adriana Del Castillo, group fitness instructor and Tier 2 trainer at Anthem Row in Washington, D.C.

The postural strength routine

Time: 40 minutes 

Equipment: 1 long, looped resistance band

By: David Rochefort, Tier 3+ trainer at South Beach in Miami Beach

Try it: stacked workout

“30 seconds allows you to put in the work without exhausting the muscles.”

Strength train for flexibility

“When weak, muscles put up a guard to protect against injury, making them feel tight.”