Best worst choice: sleeping in makeup

Expert insight: 

Makeup traps dirt and oil on your skin, says Ashley Hudson, senior regional manager for EQX Body Lab in New York City. This trio can increase your risk of breakouts.

The first step, of course, is to remove your makeup once you wake up. Use micellar water, Hudson says, which gently dissolves built-up debris. Follow that with a thorough wash using a gel or foam cleanser.

If your pores look larger than usual and have visible blackheads, they're clogged. Treat the issue with a clay mask

At the very least, swap your pillowcase for a fresh one before going to bed the following night, Hudson says.

The bottom line: 

In one-off situations, this routine should counter any potential risks. Make a habit of sleeping in makeup, though, and the repeated buildup will likely lead to acne.