Try it: seawater therapy

What are the origins of seawater therapy? 

Coll: Seawater has been consumed for centuries for its therapeutic benefits, however René Quinton discovered that blood plasma and isotonic seawater are in fact very similar substances.

Shade: So, in trying to heal people from the diseases of the time, Quinton took the mineral-rich seawater and diluted it to the same salt content as blood plasma to be implemented as medicine.

What exactly is Quinton Hypertonic and where is it sourced? 

Coll: Quinton Hypertonic is made of cold micro-filtered seawater that has been harvested from plankton blooms, which are the richest areas of the ocean from both a biological and nutritional perspective. Our seawater is then analyzed both before and after the microfiltration for endotoxins, heavy metals, radioactivity, and microplastics. Quinton Hypertonic contains natural chemical elements, most of which are minerals and electrolytes. 

Is there any potential risk of consuming polluted water?

Shade: People are worried about oceans being polluted, but this is a very ancient source that comes as part of what is called the ‘Global Ocean Conveyor Belt.’ It’s water that's been coming up from the Antarctic along the Atlantic floor, and rising up to the surface off the coast of France. It brings with it all of these minerals dissolved off the ocean floor, and those nutrient-rich waters attract plankton.

How can the product be used?

Shade: The Hypertonic is used for re-mineralization, which is why its stimulating effects are especially helpful to athletes [who lose electrolytes and minerals through sweat]. I use it as a daily mineralization and it’s great for alkalizing the body [to combat acid buildup].

Who is the ideal customer for Quinton Hypertonic? 

Coll: Any person, healthy or ill, can consume Quinton’s seawater for electrolytic and nutritional balance. However, it’s primarily used by people that suffer chronic fatigue and lack of energy, especially those conditions related to sustained mental and physiological stress. Elite sportsmen like Rafael Nadal use Quinton Hypertonic to treat symptoms related to mineral imbalances and dehydration.

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